Properties already recorded

50 years of vernacular building recording

This list of 619 reports completed since 1966 after study visits by the Group shows the extent of knowledge we have of particular Parishes. We welcome your enquiry to extend this to your own property, if you believe it is likely to date from before 1750.

We especially welcome enquiries from local historians who might wish to approach the owners or occupiers of properties in their Parish regarding a possible visit by the Group, as part of a local history study.

To maintain the privacy of owners or occupiers, individual properties are not listed, only the Parish and a brief description of the property based on our visit.




Parish                 Notes

Alciston               ? Farmyard, Stables, Barn, Pig Sties, Building of unknown origin, Granary, Dovecot

Alciston               C13 2 bay hall under crown post.   West wing, 3 bays with crown post.  5 bay cross wing crown post

Alciston               C13 2 bay hall under crown post.   West wing, 3 bays with crown post.  5 bay cross wing crown post

Alfriston               C14 Crown posts, two moulded cross beams, Jetties to two service bays.  Wealden

Barcombe            C16 2 bays remain of an earlier building that was extended in the early C17

Battle                  C16 Three bay house, tile hung with brick under. Side purlin roof. Later additions

Battle                  C17 Parlour cross wing added to an earlier hall, butt-purlin roof over parlour.

Battle                  C17 Tile hung, half hipped roof. 2 phases. Catslide , baffle entry, butt purlin roof. 

Beckley               C15 Large house built in several stages. Jettying. Single bay hall Undershot cross passage

Biddenden            C16 C16 courtyard house, dais beam remains of a potentially earlier open hall

Bodiam                C15 Ground floor rendering, exposed timber above. Sans purlin roof. Two bays. Brick stack

Brede                  C14 Surviving three bays, heavy scantling tie beam is cambered. C14th cornice beams +stops

Buxted                C15 Tile hung above brickwork. Added stone built end shot. Moulded dais beam

Buxted                C16 Two bay structure with two late C16 bays added to the west. Roof reconstructed.

Chailey Green      C16 four bay open hall house with inserted chimney

Chailey Green      C17 four bay chimney house with Georgian crosswing

Chailey                1473 Large high-status 4-bay end-jetty hall house, moulded/crenulated dais beam, plank screen.

Chailey                C14 Four bays, rear facing wing. Good quality coupled rafter roof. Chimney inserted c1600

Chailey                C15 4 bay open hall house with Dern door, C17 partial rebuild with cross wing.

Chailey                C15 Crown posted, Sooted timbers. Originally 5 bays flanked by floored solar bay. Numbered trusses

Chailey                C15 Five phase build.  Three bay house. Clasped purlins, Horsham slab roof. Two flues

Chailey                C15 Hall of two unequal bays combined solar service bay.  Paired rafters and collars

Chailey                C15 Large four bay house, two bay hall. Smoke hood inserted at lower end. Crosswing added later

Chailey                C16 Central stack, seven two panel pine doors survive with ovolo mouldings. Apotropaic marks

Chailey                C16 E-shaped plan of three parallel ranges.  Painted panelling, fireplace+ overmantle

Chailey                C16 Substantial quality ashlar sandstone plinth at front,  butt purlin roof with rafters pegged at apex

Chailey                C16/17 four bay baffle entry house

Chailey                C17 Central stack, baffle entry with butt purlins tenoned into principals.

Chailey                C17 five bays with a central chimney.

Chiddingly            C15 House originally in 1288.  Five bays, sawn off crown post.  Decorated dais beam

Chiddingly            C16 Clasped side purlins with paired wind braces.

Chiddingly            C16 Purlin and windbrace construction. Smoke raftering.  Crossbeam fleur-de-lys motif

Chiddingly            C16 Square farming with no braces.  Pegholes in rafters imply a plaster chimney

Chiddingly            C16? Exterior view only   Rebuild date

Chuck Hatch        C16 Tile hung, half hipped roof. 4 bay, large stack.  Evidence clasped purlin roof. Open hall smoke bay?

Chuck Hatch        C17 Brick elevations, upper floor tile hung.  3 bay building, large end stack, clasped purlin roof.

Colemans Hatch   C18 mill marked on map of 1795

Danehill               C16 Two periods, two bays and smoke bay. Fine timber screen, large carpenter's marks

Ditchling              C13? Two bays, Two crown posts.  Slight blackening - suggests smoke

Ditchling              C15 3 bays with a crown posted roof. Adjoiining crosswing was not available for recording.

Ditchling              C15 Four bays, One bay open hall with gallery. Jettied. Crown post throughout. Moulded beams

Ditchling              C16 Five original bays. + three further gabled bays.  In-line butt purlin no collars.  Raking struts

Ditchling              C16 Four unequal bays. Half hipped roof.  Smoke blackening.  Evidence for bench

Ditchling              C17 Surviving core of three framed bays. Large stack. Through purlin windbrace queen struts

East Chiltington    C16 4 bay house that appears to have been constructed by reusing an early C15 timber frame.

East Dean           C15 Three bay open hall with endshot.  Knapped flint with brick dressings. 

East Dean           C15 Three bays integral outshot. Thatched roof.  Multi-flue stack. Cat-slide roof. Queen struts

Eastbourne          C15 Timber framed, continuous jetty. Crown post roof.  Two separate structures + extensions

Eastbourne          C15 Timber framed, four bays, Crown post, close studded. Hearth with framed flue. Dais beam

Eastbourne          C17 Greensands, beach pebbles and brick façade. Two bays, back to back hearths. Garderobe

Ewhurst               C13 Originally two bays.  Arcade braces survive intact.    Scissor bracing to main trusses

Ewhurst               C15 Four bay continuous jetty house. Evidence of timber stack for two back to back fireplaces

Fairwarp              C15 Two-bay hall house, combed plaster work in 1590.  Unusual incised decorated end stops

Falmer                ? Medieval Barn.  13 bays+ one end aisle.   Flint brick and weatherboarding.   Thatched

Firle                    ? Home Place Barns, The Forge, Carpenter Workshop.

Firle                    C18 Damaged by fire. N-S 6 bays, E-W 6 bays, Butt purlin roof, curved braces. Flint walling.

Firle                    ? Octagonal building. Chalk nesting-holes recently removed. Flint with brick dressings

Firle                    C15 Hammer tie, Queen struts, butt purlins, hammer brace.  Common rafters.  Great Hall

Firle                    C18 Supported by round straddle stones. Framing of studs and straight braces. Slate roof

Firle                    C18 Two adjacent buildings. Plant room and gas tower. Supplied gas to the Main House

Firle                    C18/19 Modified earlier structure. Course flint walls, thatched roof with central flue. Louvred windows

Firle                    C19 One of only five extant listed examples still used for original purposes

Firle                    C19/20 Brick walls, slate roof, wooden doors and window frames. Curved bull nose bricks at doors

Fletching             C15 Wealden.  Crenulated decoration at base of bracket supporting flying wall plate Jettied

Fletching             C16 Built-in chimney, open hearth, queens struts. Planked screen covered end of open hall

Forest Row          C15 An early range with virtually no timbers remaining, with C16 2 bay face wing  with smoke bay.

Framfield             C15 L shaped framed house.  Solar end jettied, Crown post construction. Crenulated dais beam

Framfield             C16 Four bays with later outshot. Stair turret. Hipped and half hipped roof ends

Framfield             C16 house with original tri-partite screen

Friston                C15 Double fronted Wealden.  Close studded walls, octagonal crown post. Oriel bay

Glynde                C14 Large farmhouse with two crosswings. Open hall was double aisled with pair of base crucks

Glynde                C15 Central two bays with two bay crosswing. Dais beam, massive chimney dated 1641

Groombridge        C15 Main range housed gatehouse and lodgings. Moated.  Surviving seven bays. Jetties

Guestling             C14 Was moated site, 4 phases. Open hall, chamber cross wing. Jettied cross wing. Paired rafter/collar

Hadlow Down       C14 Near complete four bay open hall with end aisle. Coupled rafter roof. +additional. single storey

Hadlow Down       C15 First build - two bays with crown post and lean to outshot. Extended by one bay

Hadlow Down       C16 3 bay, open hall house with a solar and service end with chambers above.

Hadlow Down       C16 Four bay framed house with face wing. Two east bays original hall house +two west bays

Hadlow Down       C18 Five bays with half hipped roof, side purlins, queen struts & ridge board.  Weatherboarded

Hamsey              C18 Cottage encroachment upon the waste of the common.

Hartfield              ? Three buildings, two barns and small oast house complex. Kiln now stable/cow stalls

Hartfield              C14 Four bay house.  Massive raised  beam with no moulding.  Dais posts.  End jetty

Hartfield              C14 Originally one building, medieval hall, service bay and jettied solar  - now 3 dwellings

Hartfield              C14 Two bay hall, fine moulded tie beam with oak leave & acorn decoration

Hartfield              C14/15 Open hall of two bays in main range. End jetty.  Crosswing.  Exposed close studding

Hartfield              C15 Fine medieval Two bay hall, service bay at north end.  Massive octagonal crownpost

Hartfield              C15 Small cottage with jettied framing. Side purlin roof.  Cambered central tiebeam

Hartfield              C15 Two bay open hall with 2 bay high end crosswing, dais beam & crownpost.

Hartfield              C16 Earliest - four bays perhaps attached to older house. Two bar mullion windows

Hartfield              C16 Early example of continuous floored house.   Blackened rafters suggesting smoke bay

Hartfield              C16 four bay smoke bay house

Hartfield              C16 Four bays, narrow smoke stack, bread oven. Added face wing, half hip, jettied attic floor

Hartfield              C16 Four bays, two bay open hall. Crown post roof, blackened. Floored gable end remains

Hartfield              C16 Incomplete? Unusual plan.  Whole roof smoke blackened.  Smoke hood large panel frames

Hartfield              C16 Large house with contemporary crosswing - preserved purlins, windbrace roof

Hartfield              C16 Originally three bays, timber-framed extensions each end, and outshot

Hartfield              C16 Two timber framed buildings 8' apart.  Chimney now in this space.

Hartfield              C17 Four bay timber and weather boarded house. Substantial curved braces under tiebeam

Hartfield              C19 Stone built, weather boarding, paired rafter roof. 3 phases.

Hellingly              C14 Six bays indentified. Externally high level of decoration, elaborate fenestration. Grade 1

Hellingly              C15 C15 floored end survival, open hall replaced mid C17, reused timber roof.

Hellingly              C16 Brick walled house with tile hanging. Transitional four bay lobby entry house. Four hearths

Hellingly              C17/18 Stretcher bond brick walls with headers. Principal trusses in roof over seven bays

Hellingly              C18 Impressive surviving building. Timber framed, later encased in brick. Large tie beams

Hellingly              C19 White washed walls as required by regulation. Typical c19th cowshed

Herstmonceux      C15 Timber framed encased in brick. Firstly two bays. Two bay, three storey cross wing added

Herstmonceux      C17 Four bays, single bay rear wing. Stair vyse, staggered butt purlin roof

Icklesham            C16/17 Cross wing. Three bays. Elaborate four flue stack. Note:  central chimney, staircase, façade

Iden                    C15 Wealden' type.  High pitched thatched roof. Two bay hall.  Plaster combing

Iden                    C16 Four bays. Windows glazed in living area, rest were windeyes.  Shutter grooves

Kingston, Lewes   C12/15 Two ranges.  One thick walled, second range adjoins timber framed.

Laughton             C16? Several builds  (1292?) Five bays.  Diamond mullions.  Smoke hood, speres

Laughton             C17 Largely brick faced three bay house. Large multi-flue central stack. Framing for attic windows

Lewes                 C15 4 stages of construction. Wealden plan +rear aisle. Moulded crossbeams. 

Lewes                 C15 Five periods of build.  Two bay hall +dais beam.  Low level collar purlin roof

Lewes                 C15 Many phases. Stone fireplace, close studding, inserted chimney, jettied gallery, oriel window

Lewes                 C15 Two crown posts survive, sooted timbers.  Side purlins and windbraces

Maresfield            C17 2 bays survive with an end chimney, high level of original structure preserved with good interior details.

Marle Green         C16 four bays with inserted chimney

Marle Green         C18 Oast house within farm complex

Mayfield              C14 Four bay hall house. Unusual dais beam mouldings.  Heavily sooted remains of smoke bay

Mayfield              C14 Six periods of build.  Two bay hall with services. Low dais beam.  Crown post

Mayfield              C14/15 Former public house, a complex of buildings.  Completely gutted - timber frame skeleton

Mayfield              C15 A main range of two full storeys with gable to street. Narrow smoke bay. 

Mayfield              C16 2 bays of a larger property that survives in the adjoining building. Possibly an open hall or half floored hall.

Mayfield              C16 Mill house + mill.  Three bays, crown post roof.  Jettied on east side. Inserted stack

Mayfield              C16 Small two bay dwelling.  Part stone plinth remains.  Curved braces.  Clasped purlin roof

Mayfield              C16 Three bay continuous jetty high status house.  Superb panelled screens

Mayfield              C16 Three stage build. Two bays + Head bracing, ovolo and cyma mouldings. Smoke bay

Mayfield              C16 Two equal bays + 3' smoke bay.  Large daub panels between timbers.  Queen post

Mayfield              C17 Two bay cottage. Wall staves and irregular wall bracing.  Half hipped and gabled

Milton Street        ? Now split in two - Originally 3 bay medieval building, boot shaped or single bay open hall.

Milton Street        C17 Timber framed,. Coursed flint elevations to eaves - tiled collared roof. Back/back cooking hearths.

Newick                C15 Four unequal bays, integral aisle on east.  Flemish bond.  Small house many features

Newick                C16 4 bay central smoke bay house with post and plank panel with unusual carved markings.

Northiam             C13 Two bay cross wing, paired rafter and collar roof. +two bay Wealden. Commercial function?

Northiam             C14 Two bay combined solar service hall, smoke bay cross of Wealden built against it

Northiam             C16 Bay windows at two levels.  Bold chamfers and stops. Cellar.  Raking queen struts

Nutley                 ? Medieval hall house, removed from Forest Row.  Narrow service rooms.

Penhurst              C17 Baffle entry, 3 bay heated Chimneys (E and W) heated chambers on two floors.

Penhurst              C17 Eight bay, timber framed, weather boarded barn. Staggered butt purlin, half hipped roof

Piddinghoe           C14 Framed four bay hall house, with partial aisle, obscured by stone and tiles

Plumpton             C15 Complicated layout of several phases over centuries. One of three bays, hipped roof

Plumpton             C16 Four builds, north wing earliest.  Original door.  C17th timber screen.  Stone jambs

Plumpton             C17 Mill, millhouse, pond and bay. Three bay house. Bressumer has rare decorative marks

Polegate              C12/16 Two bay stone range+ two bay timber framed cross wing later. Stone built chapel in grounds

Polegate              C14 Timber framed, deep thatched roof, hipped at each end.  2 bays, open hearth, paired rafters.

Polegate              C18 Front range two rear wings. Central bay with chamber each side.  Ridge board.

Ringmer              C15 Earliest is east range as a hall house. Bay posts with tapering jowls.  Smoke blackened

Ringmer              C15 four bay open hall house

Ringmer              C16 Four bay with smoke bay.  Sid purlin and collars roof, hipped with small gablets each end

Ringmer              C16 four bays, late C17 facewing

Ringmer              C16 Main range and northern parlour crosswing, heated by side stacks. 'West Midlands' style

Ringmer              C16/17 Heated eastern bay of two and a half storey house. Extended, some rebuilds

Ringmer              C17 Early part is cross wing. Main range probably two bays. 

Ringmer              C17 Two bay northern crosswing survives from earlier main range - destroyed

Ringmer              C18 Brick house with face wing at rear. End chimneys. Much decorated re-used timber

Robertsbridge       C13 North west wing survives. Two storey built of rubble masonry, vaulted undercroft. Five bay hall 

Rodmell               C19 Flint with brick trim, half hipped roof.  3 bays, hovel.

Rotherfield           C17 3 bay end chimney house, originally thatched but roof reset at lower pitch.

Rye                    ? Wealden attached to contemporary continuous jettied house. All one house

Rye                    C13/14 Cellar original.  Four phases. True Mansard roof and stair vice, Greek doric door surrounds

Rye                    C14 Diagonal tool marks and discolouring by fire of stonework = masonry predates French raids

Rye                    C16 Now a busy hotel.  Two separate timber frames + addition.  Fine ballroom with gallery

Ticehurst             C16 Four bay house. Deep floor joists with chamfered and stopped girders.  Gables

Uckfield               C15 Complicated Wealden.  Rear aisle. Screen beams, crown post to open truss.  Bay window

Wadhurst             C15 One bay of original hall house.  Cambered tie beam.  'Build down' carried out

Wadhurst             C15 Tile hung, hipped roof, half hipped + gablet (E). 2 phases, open hall, crown post roof.

Wadhurst             C15/16? Part of once larger structure.  Moulded cross beams. Garderobe. Crown post. Louvre

Wadhurst             C16 H shaped plan brick and timber house.  Ovolo moulded windows. Frieze fenestration

Wadhurst             C16 Two bay house. Clasped side purlin roof attached to weather boarded three bay barn

Wadhurst             C17 Three bays under rebuilt crown post strut roof. Symmetrical half hipped roof. Two phases

Wadhurst             C17 Timber framed, brick and tile hung roof. Large stack. Side purlin roof

West Dean          C13 Flint built. Chalk /clunch used internally Total revision of roof timbers, Two/three levels Cellar

Westham             C17 4 bay house with central stack, clasped side purlin roof.

Whatlington          C15 4 phases. 2 bay open hall/service. Bake house, buttery, garderobe.   Barn 1675-1725.

Winchelsea          C13 Burnt down 1950’s.  Vaulted cellar c1330 survives. Was a floor hall house + shop.  3 bays

Withyham            C13 First floor chamber open to rafters with highly cambered tie beam with crown post

Withyham            C15 Small three bay from cottage.   Originally floored with crown post roof. Hipped, wind-eyes

Wivelsfield           C15 Contains significant part of medieval house. Moulded dais beam and crown post

Wivelsfield           C15 Now four bay house with lobby entry. Plank and muntin screen. Inserted brick chimney

Wivelsfield           C16 five bays with sucessive early heating modifications


Parish                        Notes

Bramshott                  C17 Superior quality.  Stone mullioned windows and stone doorway with moulded label 

Bramshott                  C17 Small stone built farmhouse. Large open hearth and bacon smoking chamber

East Hampnett           C15 Central section the oldest.  Blackened rafters and crown post roof - open hall.  Outshot

Hartley Wespall          C13 Tandom flint and stone.  Three braces to nave of massive timber.  Paired rafters

Kingsclere                  C15 Two parallel connected ranges. South - two bays,. North - three bays, central chimney, lobby

Kingsclere                  C15 Two bay open hall, with jettied two bay X wing. Carved boss underside of tie beam. Solar

Kingsclere                  1448/49 dendro Two bay open hall with crosswing 2+ bays. Arch-braced collar to open truss & 2 tiers of wind bracing.

Kingsclere                  C14/15 Tile hung above brickwork hiding jettied remains of two bay house. Fine roof details

Kingsclere                  1445/77 dendro Complicated house. Three jettied bays. Early south range. Facewing with undercroft

Lasham                     C14 Three bay cottage with thatched hipped roof. + outshot ends. Two bay hall

Liphook                      C16 Open hall house.  Moulded spine beam.  Substantial square newel posts.  Crown post

Mattingley                  C14 Nave has five bays. Bay posts now acting as arcade pillars are elaborately moulded

North Warnborough     1369 dendro T' shaped crosswing with open truss and crown post roof.  Heavy bressamer.

North Warnborough     C15 Thatched with gable ends. Three bays, central bay open hall.  Bay timbers paired crucks

North Warnborough     C15 Originally one dwelling, now divided.  Fine two bay hall.  Peg holes indicate bench/spere

Odiham                      1474/87dendro Complex, built as an inn. Four separate framed structures. Moulded posts and beams

Odiham                      C15 Two equal bays. Evidence of louvre.  Detached kitchen? Cross wing. Painted decorations

Old Basing                 C17 Altered many times.  Four bays. Two hearth stack, coupled rafters with side purlins roof

Old Basing                 C15 Timber framed cottage, four bays, thatched roof. Quality timbering to hearth passage

Old Basing                 C17 Evidence for single storied original structure, probably unheated. Thatched roof

Old Basing                 C17 Brick farmhouse. Six bay threshing barn (dedro1535) Cow stalls (1796)  Plank granary

Old Basing                 C14 Complex building, now encased in brickwork. Two structures.  Crown post .Brick chimney

Petersfield                  C15 Originally a Wealden?  Double chamfered archbraces with elongated stops

Petersfield                  1632/42 dendro Large, stone house.  Small jetty.   Stair vice.  Six fireplaces with Tudor arches, Large stacks

Petersfield                  ? Cottage linked to Goodyers on south.  One main room with hearth.  Site of former hall house

Petersfield                  C15 Two remaining bays of 3 bay Wealden. Crown post roof (rare in the area)  Cellar. 

Petersfield                  C15 Hall house.  Blackened rafters in one bay.  Queen post truss.  Mullion windows. Slate roof

Petersfield                  1532 - dendro House built to hearth passage plan

Rotherwick                 C14 Nave has five bays. Scissor braced rafters, halved where they cross.  Fine door

West Liss                  C16 Painted facade, central doorway. Central stack. Queen struts + cross wing

Wickham                   ? Three bay continuous jetty house.  Mural paintings well preserved - strapwork - rare

Wickham                   1518 Dendro Special house' Dendro is 1518.  Four bays, integral outshot and continuous jetty



Parish                        Notes

Appledore                   C15 Two bays of cross wing.  Solar has jetty end.  Massive crenulated and cambered tie-beam

Ashford                      C17 2 and half bay brick built outbuilding or dwelling (central narrow bay)

Ashford                      C15 4 bay hall house with 2 bay open hall and end jetty.

Benenden                   C15 Magnificent Wealden, inserted floor and central stack. Screen at high end

Benenden                   C14 Double Wealden exceptional quality. Moated site. Four bays. Durns to low end doors

Benenden                   C15 Four bay hall house. Moulded dais beam. Evidence of dais bench.  Spere.  Inserted ceiling

Benenden                   C15 Fine four bay Wealden with close studded elevations. Moulded dais beam, spere truss

Benenden                   C14 Open hall house, Jettied one end +evidence of earlier bay. Steeply pitched tiled roof

Benenden                   C16 Weatherboarded house, close studded jettied elevations.  Three bay building

Benenden                   C15 Three phase build. Three bays +three bay crosswing. Jettied open hall house

Benover                     C16 Central chimney house of two units. Two hearths, brick chimney.  Added outshot

Biddenden                  C16 Very important house a number of exceptional  features. Five bays, first floor jettied

Biddenden                  C17 Four bays, oriel windows. Staggered butt purlins. Unusual jowel mouldings

Biddenden                  C15 Three surviving bays.  Crosswing.  Stud and plank partition at dais end.  Cambered truss

Biddenden                  C15 RCHM Report. Wealden form.  Recessed hall divided into two bays.  Jettied.  Two phases

Biddenden                  C15 Four bays under a tiled hipped roof. Close studding, jettied. Catslide roof

Bredgar                      C15 Four bays double Walden. Gable end jetty. Two dragon beams, cogging on main beam

Brook                        C14 Aisled barn with later porches.  Single roundel oast of 1815

Charing                      C16 RCHM Report. 4 bay Wealden. Service rooms jettied, dragon beam.  Crown post with fourway braces

Charing                      C16 RCHM Report. Three bays. Unheated stack inserted 1706.  Carved cap and base crown post

Chart Sutton               C15 Open hall or smoke bay, clasped side purlins with double wind-bracing.

Chartham                   1495 Dendro Wealden.  Side purlin roof.  Hall of 1303 c15th cross wing behind Palladian exterior  Dendro

Chiddingstone             C14 Four bay framed hall house.  Massive joints.  Aisled end. Coupled rafters. Sans purlin roof

Chiddingstone             C13 Hipped roof to south.  2 phases, 3 bay open hall. Now a clasped side purlin roof.  Solar.

Chiddingstone             C13 Originally 5 bays now divided in two, two bay open hall, hipped coupled rafter roof, no purlins.

Chiddingstone             C15 Wealden Hall House layout, Gabled façade, oriel windows on two floors

Chiddingstone             C14 Four bay framed hall house.  Massive joints.  Aisled end. Coupled rafters. Sans purlin roof

Chiddingstone             C16 3 bay with smoke control, crown post roof. 

Chiddingstone             C15 4 bay open hall house, crown posted roof. 2 bay potential detached kitchen.

Chiddingstone             C16 3 bay floored dwelling with heating at one end.

Chiddingstone             C16 4 bay floored dwelling with a narrow heated bay (now a stack) & outshot.

Chilham                     C14 Three bay hall, three storey rebuilt rebuilt parlour wing + later porch

Cowden                     C17 Three bay house with outshot, central chimney. Clasped side purlins, collars, queen struts

Cranbrook                  C15 4 bays including a 2 bay open hall with crownposted roof. End of hall and any additional bays lost by new shopfront.

Crowhurst                  C17 Central chimney house. Partitions across bays.  No jowel posts

Crowhurst                  C16 Three phase, three bay house. Brick hearth and stack.  Curved wind braces and gable ends

East Peckham            C18 Four bay cottage with narrow end bay, staggered butt purlin roof.

East Sutton                C15 Four bays. Heavily sooted timbers in central bays.  Massive central cambered tie beam.

East Sutton                C15 Splendid five bay Wealden +two bay hall. Four crown posts, dragon beam.  Window mullions

East Sutton                C14 Small four bay Wealden.  Jettied on front/side. Three moulded beams in hall. Crown post

Edenbridge                 C14 Four bay hall, crown post.  Jacobean panelling with terminal chimney - Detached kitchen?

Edenbridge                 C15 Complex 6 phase build. 4 bay open hall, clasped side purlin roof. Brick stack.

Edenbridge                 C14/15 Four bays, two bay open hall.  Crown post roof.  Later insertion four flue brick chimney, flooring.

Goudhurst                  C16 Monastic building, Crown post.  Some blackened bricks.  

Goudhurst                  C15 Wealden.  One bay of two-storied medieval building of unknown purpose.   Jettying

Goudhurst                  C15 Crosswing of a medieval structure.  Jettying.  Four bays.  Moulded service doorways

Goudhurst                  C15 Three bay continuous jetty. Fine moulded entrance door and solid scantling stair

Goudhurst                  C16 2 1/02 bay house, timber and plaster chimney.  Through side purlins, projecting half hip

Headcorn                   C17 Baffle entry house, two storey parallel range to rear.

Headcorn                   C15 Two bay open hall house, collar purlin roof with a repositioned moulded crownpost.

Headcorn                   C17 Baffle entry house, staggered butt purlin roof.

Hever                        C17 Scalloped tile hung, half hipped roof, 4 bay, three storey, outshot, cellar butt purlin roof

High Halden               C16 Two bays survive of a larger dwelling. Roof structure not visible.

Horsmonden               C15 Three bay upper-end cross wing of medieval open hall. Deeply moulded cruciform girders

Hothfield                    C18 Brick built under tiled roof. Four phase build. Earliest - hipped roof with ridge board

Hunton                      C15 Possibly aisled house, x wing.  Single bay hall. Inserted chimney and flooring of hall

Ightham                     C14 RCHM Report. Ten page detailed summary

Loose                        C16 Three bays, continuously jettied.  Complete framing. Some mural painting. Pargetting

Loose                        C17 Through purlin roof with windbraces.  Remarkable leaded lights on south side - first floor

Loose                        C15 L' shaped, one arm is single bay hall.  High end jettied   Soot blackened roof

Lympne                     ? Medieval house with tower each end and large additions

Marden                      C18 four bay baffle entry house

Nr. Ashford                C14 Hall, parlour and inner courtyard remain.  Inserted chimney in hall. Jacobean staircase

Penshurst                  C15 Medieval open hall house.  Major cross wing. Gallery, dais beam heavily moulded stair vyse

Sandhurst                  C14 Fine four bay hall house - Wealden style, jettied at both ends. Dragon beam.  Dais beam

Sandhurst                  C15 Late four bay Wealden, jettied. Two bay building as rear

Sandhurst                  C15 Four bays. Two bay open hall. Crown post and collar purlins. Spere screen and bench

Sissinghurst               C15 Three bay open hall with integral cross wing, paired collar-rafter roof +three bay crosswing

Sissinghurst               C15 Remnants of Wealden open hall house. 2 phases. Crown post.  Clasped purlin roof 4 flue chimney

Southborough             C16 Now 2 separate dwellings. 5 bay in 2 phases.  Smoke bay, side purlin roof.

Speldhurst                  C15 Main range with projecting wing at each end. Very thin crown post blades. Two hearths

Stone-in-Oxney           C15 Originally four bays. Butted crown-plate. Central truss fine hollow mouldings. Crown post

Tenterden                   C15 High quality. Wealden. Castellated dais beam. Smoke deposits.  Moulded door.  Jettied

Tenterden                   C15 Continuous jetty.  Front close studded. Octagonal crown post. Upper stack in timber framing

Tudeley                      C16 3 bays with end and rear outshots, potential smoke hood later replaced by a lateral stack.

Wrotham                    C16 3 phases.  Staggered butt purlin roof.  Stair vyse.

Yalding                      C14 Wealden.  Solid doorways, central crown post, thick bracing. Heaviness of scantling

Yalding                      C15 Three elements - One surviving bay jettied, three bay extension smoke bay + three bays

Yalding      C14 RCHM Report. Three phases - base cruck truss, later hall + cross wing + later addition.


Parish                     Notes

Betchworth              C15 Single bay hall. Two bays and now extended.  Large arched braces.  Heavily jowled bay posts

Betchworth              C16 Originally two builds with narrow passage between. Queen post roof with four wind braces

Betchworth              C17 Two unit house with central stack, baffle entry.

Betchworth              C16 Framed two storey, three bay house +additions. Possibility of significant rebuilding

Betchworth              C17 Three bays, always floored. Narrow chimney bay. Gabled ends. Queen struts

Bletchingley             C16 Now four bays, originally three, two bay open hall. End wall framing with ogee braces

Brockham Green      C16 Four bays.  Half hipped roof. Large timbers.  Mortices for diagonal window mullions

Burstow                  C14 Crown post roof, cross wing. Wall plate and tie beam mouldings. Inserted fireplace 

Burstow                  C17 Three storey timber framed of some quality.  Renaissance style screen.

Capel                     C16 Smoke bay range - three cells, service, hall and parlour. Was five bays. Blackened rafters

Capel                     C16 Originally four bay hall house. Side purlin and wind brace roof with smoked rafters

Chaldon                  C15 Two bay open hall + crosswing.  Painted wall plaster, inserted chimney. Six phase build

Chaldon                  C13/14 Extensive structure part of early c14th house.  Two further ranges.  Crown post roof

Chaldon                  C13 Three parts remain of single period. No open hall. High quality, moulded crown posts

Charlwood               C15 Originally four bays, cross passage, open hall.   Smoke bay.   Later additions

Charlwood               C16 Two bay, end hearth with oak framed fire hood.   Originally one room

Charlwood               C15 Two halls built at right angles. Close studding, inserted stack Queen post trusses

Charlwood               C15 Large and complex, surviving cross wing of a hall. Reused roof timbers, continuous purlins

Charlwood               C14 Hall and cross both with inserted chimneys.  Porch with chamber above.   Ogee bracing

Charlwood               C15 Two bays at right angles to the house.  Jetty and gable. Fine post-and-plank panelling

Charlwood               C15 Four bay open hall.  Spine beams carries joists whole length of two bays.  Smoke bay

Charlwood               C16 Five bays, rear chimney, stair vice. Smoke bay, stained and plaster very blackened

Charlwood               C18 Brick and tile house, two storied with outshot, end chimneys, central hall. Two heated rooms

Charlwood               C16 Originally three bays, one containing end chimney. Unusual bay framing. Few survive today

Charlwood               C16 Four bay range with rear wing. Much exposed framing internally. Central smoke bay

Charlwood               C16 Four bay timber framed house. Floored throughout. Early smoke control. Outshot

Charlwood               C15 Tile hung, gabled at both ends. 2 bay, open hall, floored end. Service bay at south end now gone

Chiddingfold            C14 Four bay. Two bay open hall with unusual and very fine octagonal cross post +open truss

Chiddingfold            C14 Two timber framed phases. Two bay cross wing. Heavy crown post +collar purlin. +additions

Chiddingfold            C16 Complex house of several phases. Heavy scantling in eastern end of four bays

Chiddingfold            C15 Impressive Wealden. Moulded jetty bressumers. Six bay house. Smoke bay timber flue

Chiddingfold            C15 Three bay open hall house. Clasped side purlin roof, healed in tile. Modern additions

Coldharbour             C14 Two bay open hall. Steeply cambered tie beam.  Inserted chimney.

Compton                 C17 Jettied, dragon beam.  Handsome moulded fascia beam.   Side purlins, windbraces

Dormansland           C16 Now a small three bay + additions. Originally two bays, two rooms and a single storey 

Dormansland           C17 Three bay.  Clasped purlin and windbraces.  Splayed end bay.    Outshot

Dormansland           C17 Two bays with central stack.  Carpenters marks

Ewhurst                  C15 Two phase timber built house. Four bay hall with queen post roof. +front wing added

Ewhurst                  C14 Three bay building with single bay cross-wing. Stair turret. Crown post, heavy scantling

Godalming               C15 Three bay, + Jacobean cross wing.  Crenulated dais beam.  Original windows survive

Godstone                C16 Crown post. Two rooms on each floor with central stack.  Butt purlins, passing rafters

Guildford                 C15 Two ranges, T shaped plan. Clasped side purlin queen strut roof, curved wind bracing. Smoke bay.

Holmwood               C16 3 phases, small smoke bay, rear face wing.

Horley                    C17 Two storey four bay + attic, central chimney.   Central chimney.

Horley                    C14 Two bay house, two bay cross wing.  Tie beam with strutted arch braces of fine quality

Horley                    C15 Large and complex.  At least five separate substantial timber framed units.

Leigh                      C14 Hall/solar end remain + fine features.  Jetty. Cambered tie beam. Octagonal crown post

Limpsfield               C16 Three bay, two storey, jettied house + cross wing.  Clasped purlin and wind braces roof

Limpsfield               C14 Four bay + later addition. Tiled roof some exposed timber framing. Dais beam. King post

Limpsfield               C16 Five bay .  Marks transition from fully open hall. Buttery and pantry doorways remain + solar

Limpsfield               C16 Three bay + cross wing of fine construction. Short spere screens to hall. Rebated crown post

Limpsfield               C15 Large house with main range +east wing. Wealden (hall remains) Crenulated bressumer

Limpsfield               C14 Four bay Wealden house. Fine moulded crown post, smoke control, garderobe. 

Lingfield                  C16 One build, timber panels, brick nogging

Lingfield                  C17 Four bays, brick extension for chimney and two ovens.   Now demolished

Lingfield                  C15 Re-built house, unusual solar, later additions.  Dais beam.  Soot-blacked rafters

Lingfield                  C15 Oriel window, pedimented doorcase, deep coved eaves.   Three bays. Minstrels gallery

Lingfield                  C15 Horsham stone roof, gabled at west end, hipped into cat slide at east.  3 bay Wealden style.

Lingfield                  C17 Was 4 bay house with long rear outshot. Butt purlin roof. Valley gutter.

Newchapel              C14 Two bay hall with inserted floor and stack.  Full width moulded dais beam.  Jettied

Newchapel              C14 Half Wealden. Three bay open hall under crown post roof. North +south face wings added

Newdigate               C13 Earliest example of hall house in Surrey Weald. + face wing. Aisled end to open hall

Newdigate               ? Considerable quality, now a granary.  Mortices in posts on south side

Norwood Hill            C15 Three bay timber house combined solar.  Hipped tiled roof.  Tall, plain, slender crown post

Nutfield                   C16 Four bay, centre and end brick chimneys.  Originally jettied.  Timber framed brick infill

Nutfield                   C15/17 Two bay hall, undershot cross passage, signs of two short speres.  Smoke bay?

Oakwood Hill           C16 Five unequal bays.  Originally a priests house?  Smoke blackened, solar

Oakwood Hill           ? Three bay hall house with crown post roof. 

Oakwood Hill           C16 Three bays with clasped purlin roof.  Remains of wattle and daub infilling in framing

Ockham                  C15 Partly destroyed by fire 1945.  fine hollow chamfered open truss.  Crown post

Ockley                    C16 Three phase build. Three bay house, central smoke bay. Clasped purlin roof

Ockley                    C16/17 Tile hung and brick, two builds. Three bay range, single bay cross wing. Hipped tiled roof

Ockley                    C16 Four bay building, narrower chimney bay, clasped side and butted purlin roof

Ockley                    C15 Gabled ends, multi flued stack. Bread oven. Queen struts to each bay division. Added smoke bay

Oxted                     C15 Three bays, two bay cross wing. 'Open truss 'Octagonal crown post with moulded cap/base

Oxted                     C16 Four bay. Decorated ceiling patterns. Ovolo moulded window frame. Spine beam

Peperharrow            C17 Remarkable timber framed building.  Three floors - corn storage and wagons. Brick nogging

Puttenham              C14 Double aisled, passing braces.  Crown post roof.

Send                      ? Main building +crosswing.  Late open hall, smoke bay. 

Send                      C17 Plain English bond with wide mortar joints.  Interrupted tie beam - attics always for servants

Smallfield                C15 Four bay Wealden building. Continuous jetty. Rich mouldings to beam at end of hall

Thursley                  C16 Three unit, timber framed central smoke bay house. Original timber framing

Thursley                  C18 Early C18 Barn, C18 Barn, Stable, Cattle Sheds, Granary, Cart Shed, Small Stable

Thursley                  C16 Four bay, half floored. Side purlin and wind braced roof, half hipped. Large C17 addition.


Salisbury C15 Stone built, 3 bay merchants house.  
Salisbury C13 Three bay cruck house with hall.  
Salisbury C13 First floor two-bay hall, solar end on street frontage.


Parish                     Notes

Alfold                      C16 Medieval hall house with extended wings. Heavily sooted roof. Jettied end Oriel window

Ardingly                  C15 Late medieval hall house.  Octagonal crown post with simple stops.  Smoke Bay

Ardingly                  C15 Two barns, farmstead and well house. South barn earliest, three bays. West barn - four bays

Ardingly                  C16/17 Four bay barn. Evidence of floored end bay for possible accommodation. Side purlin roof

Ardingly                  C16 Much rebuilt, three bays + two bays later. Incorporates two bay open sided shelter shed

Ardingly                  C17 Three bays. Half hips with gablets at either end.  Mainly re-used medieval timbers

Ardingly                  C17 Central entrance hall, wall framing without braces and inline wall plates and tie beams

Ardingly                  C15 Tall house on three floors, three bays  Fine central moulded ceiling beam.   

Ardingly                  C15 Two bays remain. Jowls, deep chamfered spine beam. Hipped end with gablets

Ardingly                  C17 Adjoining properties, Cottage earlier. Clean roof, side purlins. Two bay + internal hearth

Ardingly                  C16 Three bay, central chimney house. Many reused timbers. Wall framing -stout rails foot braces

Ardingly                  C17 Brick and tile, in two phases. End chimney. Staggered butt purlins. Commercial use

Ardingly                  C17 Three bays . Small wall framing panels, dominant rail, no braces visible. Low end hearth

Ardingly                  C17 Fine framed central chimney house.  Rear wing. Fine panelling to hearth room

Ardingly                  C15 Several early phases. Four bays. Crown post roof. Later rear lateral stone stack+hearths

Ardingly                  C16/17 Four bay timber framed central chimney house +outshot. Jettied attic gable to south end

Ardingly                  C16 Brick with tile roof. Two unit central smoke bay much altered after fire

Ardingly                  C16 Pair of tile hung and brick cottages.  Originally as small smoke bay cottage

Ardingly                  C17 Externally tile hung with stone walls. Horsham stone roof. Rear lateral chimney

Ardingly                  C17 Pair of cottages, tile hung above brick, framed with reused timbers. Add brick bay

Ardingly                  C16 Four bay central chimney house.  Has pseudo crosswing at upper end.  Clasped purlins

Ardingly                  C16 Timber framed three bay baffle entry house. Originally framed flue. Later additions are rear

Ardingly                  C17 Five bays and outshot. Two bays each side of chimney. Early joists - earlier build?

Ardingly                  C15 Timber framed elevations, northern cross wing. Three distinct builds. Four bays

Ardingly                  C16 4 bay house with an open hall, clasped side-purlin roof and jowled wall posts. An earlier panelled screen survives.

Ashurst                   C16 Now extended. Three bays, fine oak floorboards. Timber flue, flow? Carpenters marks

Ashurst                   C14/15 Five bay barn, crown post roof.  Bridled scarfs secured by single pegs

Ashurst                   C16/17  Always in two storeys. 

Ashurst                   C16? One period build.   Window mullions and dripstones. Excellent chamfers and stops

Ashurst wood          C17 Half hipped roof, staggered butt purlins, dropped tie. Double ovolo moulding on beams

Balcombe                C15 Three bays with central one-bay open hall. Stop chamfered spine beam.  Crown post

Balcombe                C16 Complex house.  Huge principal rafters.  Remains of mullion windows in end wall

Balcombe                C15 Original is centre portion only + cross wing.  High quality. Dais beam mouldings Smoke hood

Balcombe                C13/14 Combined solar service house.  One dragon tie.  Entire roof smoke blackened

Balcombe                C15 Three main periods.  Two bay hall +solar. Original trusses + crown posts remain

Balcombe                C16 Three bay house, Horsham stone, gabled, once half-hipped roof. Multiple-roll moulded dais

Billinghurst              C15 Four bays. Crown post and collar purlins. Heavily sooted timbers. -former timber smoke hood

Billingshurst             C16 Originally two bays with cross wing added c17th.   Side pulin roof, two gablet collars

Billingshurst             C15 Earliest build three bay cross wing, very crude crown post roof. Curved braces to open truss

Billingshurst             C14 Two main periods.  Magnificent central truss and undecorated crown post. Smoke bay/hood

Billingshurst             ? Three bay timber barn. Jowl posts. Long passing braces. Medieval rafters. Hipped/gabled

Billingshurst             C14 Many builds. Originally four bays, moulded crown post to open truss.  Horsham slate roof

Billingshurst             C17 Late Victorian double pile Gothic style house.  Concealing earlier build with plaque 1648

Billingshurst             C15 Wealden form, four bay dual purpose house. Inserted hall floor, continuous jetty. Smoke bay

Billingshurst             C16 Complex. At least four distinct builds. Butt purlin roof. Site of earlier open hall?

Billingshurst             C15 Timber framed, hipped roof. Two equal bays with full height 'mid-posts'  Queens struts

Billingshurst             C14 Two ranges, one two bay with crown post, one three bay under side purlin roof

Billingshurst             C14 Four phase build. Three bay, crown post roof.  Floored remnant of hall house.

Billingshurst             C16 Central stack, Hipped roof, clasped side-purlin and queen struts with wind braces - was thatched

Broadbridge Heath    C16 Two ranges, additional stair vyse.  Medieval bay posts.   Crown post roof.  Queen struts

Burgess Hill             C16 L shaped. Fine porch.  Two single mullion windows of Sussex marble.  Horsham stone tiles

Bury                       C15 Wealden style single bay hall house. Thatched.  High and low ends jettied

Clapham                 C14 Crown-posted with long sagging braces, moulded dais beam, close studding

Coolham                 C17 L-shaped structure.  Horsham stone.   Attached stack.  Quakers Meeting House

Coolham                 C17 Modest building with added lean-to.   Blackened rafters.  Smoke bay house

Coolham                 C17 Two parallel ranges.   High calibre and substantial scale.  Rafters discontinuous on purlins

Coombes                C16 Five bay, two storey house + two bay face wing. Floored attics. Wing was detached kitchen?

Coombes                C17 Large l shaped house.  Clasped purlin roof.  Good kingpost trusses

Cowfold                  C14 Two bay hall.  Sans purlin roof paired rafters. Crosswing with modied roof, c19th addition

Cowfold                  C13/14 L shaped, large ancient window.  Coupled rafters without purlins/braces. Heavily sooted

Cowfold                  C15 Two bay hall + stone cross wing. Side purlin roof, queen post truss.  Haunched tenon

Cowfold                  C13/14 Two bays remain of open hall house.  Truncated wall plates and mortices.  Floored end

Crawley                  C15? Possible re-erection, continuous jettying, plentiful chamfering - special purpose build

Crawley                  C16 Four bay.  Smoke blackened rafters and plaster, open hall.  Inserted stone stack

Crawley                  ? Moated site. No house remains. Five bay weather-boarded barns. Queenposts. Hovel

Crawley                  C14 Early building with core of earlier date. Crown posts, smoke blackening

Crawley                  C15 Wealden, complete but restored.  Durn door.  Inserted chimney, Gabled

Crawley                  C13 Open hall house. Built for special function. Jettying was along north elevation - could be Inn?

Crawley                  C14 1 bay of the open hall survives, Double jowled crown post, 3 bay cross wing added.

Cuckfield                C16 South end - two bays. Roof once hipped, side purlins.   North end - one bay

Cuckfield                ? Paired rafters lightly smoked.   Original mortices remain in the cross beam

Cuckfield                C15 Bay posts throughout with tapered jowls. Two large bays, Arched-braced closed truss

Cuckfield                C15 Three bays. Good stair with 'onion' newel posts and turned balusters. Remains of crown post

Cuckfield                C15 Originally four bays, with narrow smoke bay incorporating earlier building

Duncton                  C13 3 phases. Large two bay open hall , sans purlin roof.  Large central stack.

East Grinstead         C16 High quality, Jacobean stone front added c17th.  Continuous jetties.  Queen post

East Grinstead         C14 Three bays + one more bay?  Dais beam and spere both moulded. Crown post roof

East Grinstead         C17 5 bays + three bays added.  Threshing bay.  Curved braces, heavy jowls

East Grinstead         C14 Recorded by Roy Mason - reports in 1941 and 1957 at SAS.  Aisled hall/building?

East Grinstead         C15 Four bay, crown posted with a solar bay and end jetty. Attached kitchen

East Grinstead         C13 Homestall + Dutton (removed from Cheshire. Aisled on both sides.  Arcade post, base cruck

East Grinstead         C16 Cross wing most impressive. Close studded, fine elevation.  Crown post roof

East Grinstead         C14 Four bay continuous jetty.  Burgage plot.  Detached kitchen? Built as an Inn?

East Grinstead         C14 Two separate early structures. One is four bays, cross wing of four bays. Merchants House?

East Grinstead         C15 Three bays with cross passage. Original frontage had continuous jetty.  Large hearths

East Grinstead         C14 Narrow plot. two bay building +southern face wing. Close studded framing, Horsham stone

East Grinstead         C14 Tile hung, 4 bay, open hall Side purlin roof - originally collar rafter roof?

East Grinstead         C17 Three bays, back to back hearths. Chamfered axial girder. Pegged rafter pairs, no ridge board

Faygate                  C16/17? Two bay medieval hall house. Square crown posts, lavish open truss. Heavily sooted 

Felbridge                 C15 Surviving part of an open hall, at least three bays with crown post.  Roof later construction

Fernhurst                C16 Four bays, clasped side purlin roof with gablets still in-situ. High quality

Fernhurst                C17 Small 3 bay with an inserted central chimney in the earlier smoke bay.

Fernhurst                C17 Five bays, clasped side purlin roof with raking struts

Fernhurst                C15 Four bays with central open hall of unequal bays. Heavy tapering jowls, crown posted

Fernhurst                C16 Three bays with a central open hall, internal jetty at dais end. Clasped side purlin roof

Fernhurst                C17 3 bays with a central open hall, heavy tapering jowls, internal jetty over dais. 

Fernhurst                C15 4 bay house with central open hall, long passing braces, heavy scantling, crown post

Fernhurst                C13 Now a private house and containing a large number of surviving domestic features

Greatham                C16 4 bay smoke bay house

Greatham                C16 four bays with evidence of later insertions

Hardham                 C15 Three bays, heavily jowled posts. Spine beams and joists. Window mullion mortices

Haywards Heath      C17 Three bays. Stair vice. Balusters and high moulded hand rail, shaped newel post

Haywards Heath      C15 Four bays, Open hall of two bays, wide arched braces to cambered tie beam

Haywards Heath      C17 Four bays, tile hung above brick on stone plinth. Multi flue central stack +small rear wing

Henfield                  C15 Originally four bay hall house with added crosswing. Tudor brick stack. Horsham stone roof

Henfield                  C16 Two phase - three bays + chimney. Added two bay crosswing with stair vice. 

Henfield                  C15 Two period build. Fine mouldings on cross passage door.  Early c17th inserted chimney

Henfield                  C14 Three bays, open hall combined solar and service.  Two face wings added. Now divided

Henfield                  C16 Now brick encased, stone roof, half hipped, central multi-flue stack. Four bays

Holbrook                 C16/17 Evidence for open hall, Cross wing, one principal fireplace.  Substantial ground floor joists

Horsham                 C16 Replacing an earlier high status building

Horsham                 C17? Wholly stone built building?  Seven bays. Collared roof and windbraced. Reused materials

Horsham                 C17 5 bay Barn. Jowled main posts. A residential bay added with terminal chimney

Horsham                 C16 Staggered butt purlins.  Elegant bargeboards with pendants. Farm buildings

Horsham                 C16 Much altered -c18/19th, original crown post survives.  c13th Medieval barn.  Moated site  

Horsham                 C16/17 Three unequal bays.  Smoke hood.  Through purlins queen post truss, raking struts

Horsham                 C15 Long walls of cross-wing studded.    Hall perhaps 50-100 years earlier

Horsham                 C16 Five bays.  Jettied on both sides. Jetty, wall-plate and framing carried through entire building

Horsham                 C15 Hall house of two unequal bays + two cross wings.  High quality open truss and crown post

Horsham                 C13 Joint of base cruck with the wall brace and tie beam. Very large slip tenon. Mote and Bailey

Horsted Keynes       C16 Three builds, Smoke bay and outshot contemporary.   Wealden Iron Industry connections

Horsted Keynes       C16 Complicated.  Four periods of build.  Queen post struts.  Hip collar still in situ

Horsted Keynes       C16 Large four bay hall house.  Highly cambered tie beams, large curved braces

Horsted Keynes       C17 Four bays.  Evidence of oriel window.  Puritan sense of build for minor gentry. Two pentices

Horsted Keynes       C17 Three bays -originally industrial use. Important building of quality construction

Horsted Keynes       C16 Two bay timber framed cottage + extended one bay. Remains of external framed chimney

Horsted Keynes       C16 Three bays + extended outshot. Multi-flue stack towards one end. Stone lined cellar

Horsted Keynes       C16 South Wing - timber framed -paired rafter roof.  May have originally been a hunting lodge?

Horsted Keynes       C16 3 bay chimney house with a fine plank and muntin screen. Roof is side purlin with diminished principle rafters.

Houghton                C15/16 Small, three bay house.  Hipped roof.  Thatched. One bay jettied over hall.   Crown posts

Houghton                C14? Three bay open hall. King and queen posts. Central truss with arch braces

Hove                      C16 Several fine carved fireplaces, beautiful early c17th staircase. Fine plaster ceilings

Hove                      C17 Staggered butt purlins, west wall one framed

Hurstpierpoint          C15 Four bay Wealden, one bay hall. Moulded dais beam, formerly crown post roof

Hurstpierpoint          C17 Brick double pile house, possibly two builds.  Mathematical tiles.  Rear range of brick

Hurstpierpoint          C17 Three bay, timber framed encased house with tile hanging and brick.  End chimney

Hurstpierpoint          C16 Tile hung and brick, mathematical tiles Horsham stone roof.  Three bays +

Hurstpierpoint          C16 Three bay Wealden, built against earlier range.  Crown post roof, main range end jettied

Hurstpierpoint          C17 Three storey, timber framed house + two storey outshot + single storey beyond

Hurstpierpoint          C17 Large brick house, c17th brick gables.  Three bay front range.  Two dutch gables

Ifield                       C15 Two bay building, jettied two bay wing. Three phase build. Peg tiled side purlin roof

Ifield                       C15/16 Tile hung, half hipped roof. 3 bays, unfloored open hall, crown post. Unique Cruciform girder.

Itchingfield              C14 Brick, weatherboarded and Horsham stone roof.  Hipped and gabled. Four bays

Itchingfield              C15 Sited within the churchyard. Small and narrow, Horsham stone roof. Sooted. Jowled posts

Kirdford                   C17 Original window openings.  Moulded stringcourse.  Central chimney with one hearth only

Kirdford                   C16 Three bay continuous jetty house. Central bay heated by rear stack. Fine chamfering 

Kirdford                   C15 Four bay central section, one bay at right angles. Complete crown post roof 

Kirdford                   C16 Two unit end smoke bay cottage. Tile hung above brick ground floor. Subdivided service end

Kirdford                   C14 Original fragment 1400. Timber scantling, sans-purlin roof and passing brace. Sooted hip/gablet

Lickford                  C14 4 bays, open hall house with smoke hood and chimney insertions

Lindfield                  C14/15 Wealden with two bay hall.   Heavy cambered tie beam.  Many later alterations

Lindfield                  C15 Wealden type.   Moulded jetty beams, original door head.  Inserted brick axial chimney 1600

Lindfield                  C16 Three bays with outshot.  Chamfered doorhead. Fine boarded screen on timber plinth

Lindfield                  C16 High quality timber framing. Unusual double wall plate in bedroom with mouldings

Lindfield                  1394-1424 dendro Four bay house. Massive tie beam heavily cambered.  Crown post. Roof gabled both ends

Lindfield                  C14 Originally four bay Wealden. Moulded crown post. Smoke hood in narrow bay

Lindfield                  C15  Two distinct builds. Two bays survive of three bay crown posted house + four bays later

Lindfield                  C17 Four bays arranged on three floors with dropped tie roof. External stack, wide rear outshot

Lindfield                  C18 Stone wing with mullion windows, staggered butt purlin roof. 3 bay baffle entry addition.

Loxwood                 C16 Transitional house. Steep pitch roof.  Smoke blackened roof.  Large chimneystack

Loxwood                 C15 Two bays.  Good exposed external timber framing.  Extended in 1600 chimney built

Lurgashall               C16 Brick walled house. Two contemporary ranges. Share large multi-flue stack

Lurgashall               C16 Three distinct builds. Three bay range, clasped side-purlin roof. Square panelled framing.

Lurgashall               C14 Stone faced building, two distinct builds. Two bay open hall, crown strut sans-purlin roof

Lurgashall               C15 Timber framed, 4 bays, tiled hipped roof with gablet.  Clasped side purlin roof - detached kitchen?

Lurgashall               C16/17 Two bay timber framed. Hipped with gablets at apex.  Clasped side purlin roof.

Lurgashall               C16 3 bays, smoke bay house with original baffle-entry.

Newdigate               C16 Complete structure. Diamond section mullion windows.  4 bay + outshot.  Dropped tie beam

Northchapel             C16 Isolated, bare timber frame for restoration.  Numerous carpenters marks. Four mullions

Northchapel             C15 Three bay with single open hall. Possible internal jetty.  Much altered

Northchapel             C17 Four bay framed hall house.+2 bay open hall.  Three posts to underside of end tie beam?

Northchapel             C16 Two parallel ranges. Hipped/gabled roof. Edge -halved scarf joint with splayed shoulders

Northchapel             C15 Three phase build. Three bay open hall. Side purlin with struts. Smoke bay, outshot

Northchapel             C14 Phase one - three bay open hall house, sans-purlin roof. Stone foundations. + Single bay

Northchapel             C17 Central range, two cross wings, brick built cross wing.  Queen strut roof

Partridge Green        C14 Medieval hall house, fully hipped, gabletted ends.  Interim smoke bay

Partridge Green        C16 two and a half bay house with narrow end bay, dropped tie roof.

Petworth                 C15 Three bay end chimney house.  Side purlins, wind braces per bay per side. + additions

Petworth                 C14 Timber framed. 5 bay Wealden one open bay. Crown posted roof. 2 jettied ends.

Petworth                 C16 Clasped side-purlins and queen struts. Down braces, sooted roof timbers, partitioned smoke-bay

Petworth                 C17 Town house, Staggered Butt-purlins & Butt-rafters.

Plaistow                  C15/16? Ancient part built as single range with hipped ends and gablet, multi flued inserted stack

Plaistow                  C15 Four ancient bays. Jowelled posts.  Charring in roof (fire) - smokehood. Open hall

Plaistow                  C16 Two ranges at right angles. Half hips, principal posts have gun-stock jowls.

Plaistow                  C16 Large, important manor house. Three original bay survive - crosswing of important house

Poling                     C14 Disguised medieval building. Three bays remain. Heavy scantling. Evidence for smoke bay

Poling                     C12 Medieval building adjoining stone chapel. Three bay crown posted cross wing. Garderobe

Pulborough              C16 Five bay timber framed. Two narrow bays accommodated back-to-back smoke  bays

Pulborough              C14 Thatched house with visible framing. Three bays. Sans purlin roof with collared rafters

Pulborough              C16 Four bay, with single bay wing. Timber framed with stone facing. Staggered butt purlin roof

Ringmer                  C15 Important survivor of early brick tower.     Four storeys, spiral staircase, buttresses

Rudgwick                C16 Four bay  + added bay.   Smoke bay, inserted floor.   Highly finished chamfers with stops

Rudgwick                C14 Significant truss and coeval timbers.   Truss has steeply cambered tiebeam. 

Rudgwick                C14 Four bays with long shaped rootstocks. Tiebeams with heavy scantling.  Medieval joists

Rudgwick                C14 Small, rear two bays formed complete open hall house in itself. Crown post, blackened

Rudgwick                C14/15 High quality two bay building. Tapering jowls support central tie beam. Original function?

Rudgwick                C17 Four bay core, with smoke bay and aisle to three of the four bays.  Blackened plaster/lathes

Rudgwick                C15 Late, four bay hall house. e of gallery, half hipped.  Open hall. Chamfering to side purlins

Rudgwick                C14? Little remains of original build.  Two complete bays, open truss heavily smoke sooted

Rudgwick                1369/70 dendro Four bay, two bay open hall.  Steeply pitched roof is tiled, hip and gablet.  Tile hung

Rudgwick                1378/79 Four bays, two bay hall.  Coupled rafters no purlins

Rudgwick                C16 Small tradesman's cottage. Two unequal bays, half hipped roof. 2 storey cross wing

Rudgwick                1213-39  Dendro 2 bay central range, 3 bay cross wing. 2 bay aisled open hall retaining its aisles c 1220-40

Rudgwick                C15 2 phase build.  3 bays, 2 bay undershot hall, clasped purlin roof.

Rusper                   C15 Fine two bay hall. Central crown post with ‘pilaster’ on each face. Combed wattle/daub panels

Rusper                   C16 Two bay Yeoman’s house.  Queen strut type roof.  Central truss has angle struts

Rusper                   C16 Four bay timbered cottage, small panel framing with half-hipped side purlin tiled roof

Rusper                   C15 Four bay hall house.  Original roof - all blackened.  Crown post with two braces to purlin

Rusper                   C16 Five bays.  Central smoke bay

Rusper                   C17 Cottage of two builds. Four bays. Half hipped roof with wind braces to a single bay

Rusper                   C14/15 Complete three bay house. Crown post roof. Collar purlin morticed with jack rafter each end

Rusper                   C15 Medieval part two bay cross wing, originally jettied at front.  Impressive knee braces

Rusper                   C15 L shaped open hall house. Wing smoke blackened rafters. Catslide roof. Guarderobe?

Rusper                   C16 Five bay. Gable ended Horsham stone roof with jettied gable to face wing

Scaynes Hill            C15 Brick walled building incorporating two timber framed ranges. Crown post, no sooting

Sharpthorne             C15 Two distinct builds +later extensions, much exposed framing. Crown post roof

Shoreham-by-Sea     C15 Only a fraction remains of original house. Flint built

Shoreham-by-Sea     C15 Three ranges.  Flint with lime mortar walls + stone dressings (Caen) Cellar

Slinfold                   ? Medieval build?  Two massive chimney stacks.   Cross wing contemporary with stacks

Slinfold                   C15 Stone roofed house. Hipped at both ends.  Original brick and stone stack.  Louvre

Slinfold                   C15 Five bay building under gabled roof. Jowl posts chamfered and stopped. Large scantling

Slinfold                   C15 Two phase build. One crown post and blackened rafters in roof.  2 bays smoke bay

Slinfold                   C16/17 Three bays + smoke bay. Side purlin and reduced principle roof with straight windbracing

Slinfold                   C16 Front bay not part of Slinfold House - earlier than Slinfold House

Slinfold                   C16 Two main ranges - L shape plan. Purlin roofs with sooted timbers. Huge stack

Slinfold                   ? Three bays, upper walls fully braced once covered by wide wattles. Crown posted roof

Slinfold                   C16 3 phases. Open hall - workshop/storage?. Added stack and floored bay.

Southwick               C15 Small four bay hall house.  Brick stack.  Crown post roof with trusses.  Smoke blackened

Steyning                 C17 Nine bays.  Beautiful laid roof of mellow Horsham stone.  Knapped flint and brick quoins

Steyning                 C16 Two barns, one with threshing floor intact.  Granary with series of grease pot niches

Steyning                 C18 Barn, Granary, stables from clunch and flint to ironstone galletting

Steyning                 C18 Redundant barn hovel, bullock pen and yard. Five paths converge on the buildings

Steyning                 C15 Two bays remain of early house, now five bays.  Central stack, back to back hearths

Steyning                 ? Very usual roof structure, King Post, ridge beam and side purlin

Steyning                 C17 Six bay barn, queen strut roof.  Good quality oak, aisled extension. Flying wall plates

Steyning                 C15 Five bay barn with crown post roof.  Bay posts with sloping jowls.  Tile clad roof

Steyning                 C15 First floor of seven bays. Adjoining building with continuous jetty.  Small Wealden

Steyning                 C17 Five bays, Roof rafters pegged at apex massive chamfered butt purlins

Steyning                 C16 Home and business of high status occupant.  Four bays with five crownpost roof trusses 

Steyning                 1405 Dendro Three bay un-aisled barn, king posted with downswing braces carrying side purlins

Steyning                 C14 Originally two build+ cross wing. Two bay house. Original roof destroyed by fire. Gallery?

Steyning                 C15 Close studded timber framed, with later rear wing. Three bay +remnants of crown post

Steyning                 C15 Potentially a prison building, later converted to domestic.

Steyning                 C16 3 bay with open end hall. Stone roof hipped with gablet. Extensive taper burns.

Steyning                 C16 Two unheated bays with a late C16 bay added to the north reusing earlier kingstruts

Steyning                 C15 7 bay building with continuous jetty. First floor intended as a public space for a guild or fraternity.

Sullington                C13 surviving open hall, C15 crown posted rebuild. c1600 small barn adjacent. C18 granary

Sutton                    C14? Cross wing, three bay + further cross wing.   Some remains of louvre. 

Thakeham               C17 3 phase build.  Remnant of 2 bay open hall, san-purlin roof. Cruciform stack - new purlin roof.

Tillington                 C16 Two timber framed buildings at right angles.  Heavy wind braces and side purlins

Tillington                 C14 3 phase, sans-purlin crown strut roof, floored solar bay.  Internal jetty forming 'high end' canopy

Tillington                 C16 two open bays and one floored

Trotton                    C16 Remains of a 4 bay with continuous jetty, diminished principle rafters, shuttered mullions  

Trotton                    C16 4 bays, east 2 bays have heavily sooted roof structure, originally had hipped ends, heavy jowls

Turners Hill              C18 large end chimney house with contemporary outshot and cellar

Upper Beeding         C15 Handsome jettied front. Open hall with central hearth. Ornate cross wing girders-floral motif

Upperton                 C15 four bays with inserted chimney

Upwaltham              C17 Double aisled, now six bays. High collar for jack rafter and cantilevered plats. Windbraces

Upwaltham              C19 Sketch shows farm layout including two oak framed barns (1 aisled)

Warnham                C16 Built around four sides of courtyard.  Large stone clad some stucco, Horsham stone slabs

Warnham                C16 Blacksmith's shop, Granary over 5 bay cart shed, Bull pens, Large barn, cowshed, hovel

Warnham                C14 Hybrid, both parts not originally built together. Horsham stone roof.  Cross wing two bays

Warnham                C15 Four bay Wealden.  Jettied.  Moulded dais beam + spere. Smoke bay, sooting

Warnham                C15 Fine example of  Wealden. Large scantling of timbers, crenulated mouldings on dais beam

Warnham                C14 Four bay Wealden + additions. Heavily restored. Stop chamfered joisting. Crown posting

West Chiltington      C15 East wing early. C17th remainder.  Ovolo mouldings and good chamfer stops

West Chiltington      C15 Crown posted.  Jacobean addition with smoke bay.  Late c17th Chimney. + c18th build

West Chiltington      C16 Four bays, originally timber now tile hung + plaster.  Hip roof and gablet.  Queen struts

West Grinstead        C14 Large timber framed house, three builds, moated site.  Cross wing

West Hoathly          C16 Symmetrical façade, rooms within unusual.  Fine staircase. Carved, moulded door jambs

West Hoathly          C15 Three stage build.  Timber framed, stone base, tiled roof. Jettied on north side. Crown post

West Hoathly          ? Three bays survive.  Simple moulded dais beam.  Horsham stone slab roof

West Hoathly          C16 Large house, core timber framed. Dropped tie, clasped purlins, queen posts.  Jettied

West Hoathly          C13 Three bay aisled house +two bay cross wing. Base cruck-double tie beam/arcade plates

West Hoathly          C14 Timber framed on stone footings, wattle and daub panels. Horsham stone roof. 6 Phases

West Hoathly          C16 Three main phases. Three bays, central chimney. Shallow half hips. Baffle entry. Outshot

West Hoathly          C16 Early building fully framed. Stairs in original position East wing added. Stone stack

West Hoathly          C14/15 Tile hung, tiled roof. Sid purlins.  Originally four bay house, two bay open hall, -floored bays.

West Hoathly          C15/16 Exposed timber framing on first floor. Brick built under tiled crown post roof.  Later additions.

Wineham                C15 Two bays, surviving sooted rafters.  Inserted brick chimney 1600. Later additions

Wisborough Green    C15 Two bay hall.  Smoke bay added +new bay.  Brick chimney inserted +outshot and stairs

Wisborough Green    C16 three bays with one open bay.

Wivelsfield              C14 Former Wealden house of four bays. + two bay face wing. Plank and muntin partition.

Woodmancote         C15 Two floored bays. Flooring originally at lower level - ground floor 'storage undercroft'

Woolavington           C14 Single bay open hall with internal jetty, sans purlin roof.

Worth, Crawley        C15 Three bay open hall +single bay. Crown posted tile/hipped roof. Patterns on axial girders